Client Care


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While recognising that a need exists, clients are sometimes concerned about the cost of engaging consultants. Often such concerns are founded on previous bad experience. As many of our personnel are themselves from a contracting background we recognise and understand those concerns.

For these reasons we endeavour to provide our services using a structured approach, allowing clients the opportunity to focus the scope of any instruction, balancing cost against the magnitude of the matters to be addressed, thus ensuring proportionality.

Depending upon particular circumstances, our first involvement in any assignment often includes the deployment of one or more of our senior personnel to undertake a review of a given matter. Our review culminates in the preparation of a summary report which serves to identify the relevant issues, giving preliminary advice as to potential risk and available options. We also include recommendations to allow clients to make informed decisions as to the way forward. This type of review is undertaken within an agreed timescale for a fixed lump sum price.

Our initial advice regularly allows clients to resolve or conclude those matters upon which we have commented with little or no further input from us. However this is dependent upon circumstances and the nature of the issue at hand. Any subsequent involvement we might have stems from the decisions taken following our initial advice and usually involves a focused, task oriented analysis of the issues where we work either with clients or independently.

At all stages of our involvement in any matter we are careful to keep clients appraised of progress and to highlight the options which might be available at any time, striving to achieve optimum results for clients and thereby providing added value.