Dispute Avoidance, Management and Resolution

Dispute Avoidance, management & resolution

Dispute Avoidance

Potential for conflict and dispute exists in every project. We help clients to understand the contractual relationship between relevant parties and to recognise areas of potential conflict and dispute. We evaluate key contract rights and responsibilities and help clients develop a self-protection strategy.

More importantly, we help develop strategies to deal with the management of change, including its early identification and the impact of such change upon cost and schedule. We also review existing systems and procedures, which then allows us to design and implement an effective claims avoidance strategy thereby reducing the incidence of end of project claims.

Dispute Management & Resolution

There are many ways to take a dispute forward to a satisfactory outcome.

We provide effective case management of disputes on behalf of our Clients, whether through negotiation, mediation or more formal adjudication or arbitration.

We provide the focus for and liaison between those various professionals, reporting to clients in a clear and structured manner. The case manager ensures that all matters are being attended to on time, that budgetary controls are in place and that a client remains in control of the case. Importantly the case manager's role also includes responsibility for ensuring that at all times clients are aware of the status of the case, the potential risks and the options available.